Best Brands for Mobile Phone Accessories

mobile_accessoriesWhether you want to give your mobile phone a unique look, improve its performance, or want to go hands-free, you’ll find a large selection of innovative mobile phone accessories and parts in online stores.

Smartphone Cases

Smartphone cases are in high demand and can completely change the look of your mobile phone. Here’s a short list on what you should consider when you’re shopping for a case.

Model – What kind of phone do you have? No matter how beautiful and cheap that iPhone 4s case is, it won’t be of much use if you own an iPhone 5. So keep your phone brand and model in mind when you’re shopping for a case. Most case manufactures offer hundreds of styles that fit wide range of smartphones, including models from Samsung and Apple.

Protection – Another important aspect to consider: what you’re protecting your phone from? For safeguarding against water, dirt or dust, consider something more hearty such as Armor series, Otterbox or Incipio Atlas ID waterproof cases. They are made with five separate defensive layers for protecting against shock, water, dust, and dirt. Some cases also feature a fingerprint scanner that provides an additional layer of security in case your phone is stolen or lost.

Grip – Besides protecting a phone, some covers are also designed to ensure easy holding. Speck’s CandyShell Grip phone case is widely used for one big reason-its texturized silicone strips that ensure that mobile phone remains in users hands firmly during vigorous group-texting sessions, while a raised bezel and dual layer physically safeguards the device. Another contender in this category is Knucklecase that has an imposing look and offers a stellar way to keep your phone safely in hand.

Features – Although any mobile phone case with do well for day-to-day use, what about people who prefer to keep mobile with them when they go running? Or love to take lot of pictures? If you are carrying fat wallet of a purse, consider a case that features a pop-out slot on its back with enough room for credit card or ID card. It also has cutouts for camera and textured sides for easy gripping. A worthy contender for such cases is the UUnique iPhone Wallet. It’s a beautiful and stylish mobile phone accessory that is made from leather, with an external pouch for cards and cash.

There are many other cases that offer wide range of features:

  • The popular Mophie Juice Pack offers lot of additional battery power,
  • The TaskOne has a special fold-out multitool,
  • and Speck’s SmartFlex View and Incipio’s Kicksnap both offer fold-out stands on the back,
  • Rokform’s Rokshield has been designed for mounting the case on a car’s dash (you’ll have to buy the mount separately).

Security – Smartphone theft is a big issue. You can stay safe by investing in a case that offers extra security features. For instance, the Yellow Jacket phone case also doubles as a stun gun, and can also charge the phone if it’s low on battery. Kensington’s BungeeAir mobile phone case securely tethers the phone to a tiny fob; if the owner walks too far away from the mobile phone, the fob immediately triggers an alert and the companion app immediately password-locks the phone. Meanwhile, the great looking Coyote Case comes equipped with a loud 100db siren that you can deploy in emergencies.

Style – If you’re interested in something little more with style than a average phone case, check out the new GelaSkins line. It’s not only lovely but also highly customizable. These artsy, colorful skins are the best stocking stuffers for creative people in life. Besides the classic offerings from the likes of Van Gogh, you can buy cases with works from many upcoming artists such as Colin Johnson and Camilla d’Errico – the selection includes everything from ethereal prints to street-art designs. In fact, you can also upload your own images, so here you have endless options.

mobile_accessories2Improve Mobile Phone Performance

Mobile phone batteries – You will find so many batteries from top brands such as LG, Motorola, Audiovox, Samsung and other popular brands. You can even add one extra battery for improved backup.

Mobile phone chargers – Replace old charger or purchase a new second one for your office, and keep your phone battery fully charged everywhere you go. You can also buy car mobile phone chargers.

Moble phone data cables – Use software and data cables to synchronize your contacts and calendar with your PC, or download games, ringtones and wallpaper images.

Mobile phone SIM cards – You can update your SIM card or buy special modules that will let your card sit safely in your mobile.

Mobile phone wireless keyboards – Supplement your Treo or Blackberry keypad with wireless keyboard. With larger keyboard you can text email, message and also surf the Internet faster.

Mobile phone audio – Connect your MP3 playing mobile phone with your home stereo system, or find good speakers that let you share your tunes with the world.

Install a Mobile Phone In Your Car

These days you can get hands-free car kits that allow you to drive with both your hands firmly on wheels! These kits include control unit, mobile phone mount or cradle, speaker and microphone or FM transmitter. Some kits also come with external handset and may charge your phone battery while you drive. These kits come in two varieties.

Portable mobile phone car kits – You can easily move your kit between multiple vehicles. Portable mobile phone kits use Bluetooth, which is a short-range networking for communicating with your phone.

Installed car kits – You can also opt for a permanent kit right behind your dashboard. Once you purchase the hardware, you can get this kit professionally installed.

Go Hands-Free With a Mobile Phone Headset

You can also buy hands-free mobile phone headsets. This will allow you to shop for groceries or work at desk without holding the phone. Many Bluetooth hands-free headsets, Plantronics hands-free headsets, Jabra hands-free headsets and many other popular brands are available online.

Innovative accessories

Mobile phone holders -You can find designer mobile phone cases that give your mobile a chic look. Mobile phone holsters and pouches also protect mobile phone and other mobile phone accessories.

Straps – Colorful mobile phone straps give your phone a trendy look.

Charms – Whimsical mobile phone charms hang off your mobile phone and reflect your personality.

Faceplates – Interchangeable faceplates create a completely different mobile phone looks to suit your style. Swarovski crystal-encrusted mobile faceplates can easily add a touch of glamour to your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Market in UK

The mobile phone market in the UK is definitely one of the most competitive of them all. A majority of mobile phone manufacturers and retailers alike, line up just to have a piece of the market pie. This outright fact further leads us to want to magnify the core steering factors that dictate the direction of these lucrative, but notoriously tough to-get-into market.

Facts and Figures

Here are a few important facts that quickly round up the mobile phone market in UK, currently:

  • Phone manufacturers can only sell through an operator after their products pass network tests done by the latter, successfully
  • Buying a highly subsidised mobile phone through an operator contract is still popular
  • There are over 83.1 million mobile subscriptions as of the fourth quarter of 2013
  • During the first quarter of 2014, around 93% of the UK adult population owned/used a mobile phone
  • 61% of the adult population have a smartphone, a 10% increase from 51% during the same time of year in 2013
  • 57% of mobile phone users access the internet through their phones, an 8% jump from the previous year, 2013.

Fierce Competition

While competition might have spelled good outcomes to buyers, retailers have not been having such a splendid time. Increased competition has resulted in phone manufacturers and other industry players slushing prices of new phones on sale just to try and win over more hearts and pockets. Consequently, profit margins have dropped consistently with some of the players choosing to diversify operations into other niches.

Perhaps the most intriguing part is the fact that few, if any manufacturers at all, have quit the UK market entirely. For one, the market is not exactly saturated, and room exists for more manufacturers and retailers to crack in. Making it here, however, might prove – and probably already did to some – to be quite an uphill task for new entrants.

Secondly, the UK mobile phone distribution network woks efficiently. But as noted earlier on, operators dictate the market distribution channels. Any company in need of marketing and sales generation needs to have a good standing with the operator they would need distributing their phones.

Mobile phone operating systems war

Google’s Android operating system is the most liked. It dominates the OS war ahead of Apple’s IOS – installed on iPhones. Unlike in the US where IOS lords over a lion’s share, in the UK Android leads with a whooping 60.6% market share with IOS coming in a distant second at just above 39% of the market. Microsoft’s Windows mobile OS shows up in third with a 7.5 percentage share.

The data, analysed and compiled by researchers at Kantar Worldpanel, points to a new emerging trend sweeping across the UK. Less prominent brands seem to be drawing in customers from across other phone manufacturer brands. Samsung is still the most preferred in the brand category for another straight year, however, Huawei and Alcatel are leaping forth strongly. This points to a deviation from the past where UK adult phone users preferred to stick to gadgets they were already used to or were “high worth” such as iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range.

This is seen too, in the operator-subsidised phone contracts. More smartphone users now prefer to buy off-contract phones where they are not tied down to one operator offers and restrictions. This could land well on new players’ ears who could be seeking to join in on the marketing of mobile phone devices – people want to experiment.

In France, newcomer smartphone manufacturer, Wiko, has caused ripples in the industry after introducing a low cost, £80 smartphone running on android operating system, that has since gone on to become an instant hit with the French. Wiko plans to expand operations in Great Britain, and a few hints indicate that new entrants like this have a chance at cracking the market open if offering distinct features to set them apart from the rest of the smartphone-maker’s crowd.

Analysts, however, warn against too aggressive a move seeing that mature markets are increasingly becoming saturated, and sales have dropped. Despite being one of the early adapters of both feature and smart phones, the phone market in UK continues to grow and diversify. It seems to invite creatively bold and softly aggressive new players that might disrupt the current settings, and maybe set a new normal.